About Us

Sharemarkethow.com is a very useful and informative website for people who are just new to the stock market investing in India. We believe that the past performance of a stock listed company can really throw some light on its future prospects as well. That is the reason we have compiled the past 9 years financial data for each stock listed company in India and presented on our site. Also, we will be updating the quarterly results declared by every company every quarter to help the investors community in making good and quick investment decisions.

People Behind the sharemarkethow.com

Yogesh Lohia: Co-founder
Email: yogesh (@) sharemarkethow.com

Being a final year student of Chartered Accountancy Course and a B.Com Graduate from Delhi University, Yogesh Lohia is responsible for all the financial data and information published on this site. You can always contact him for any sales inquiries you have and if you want to write a guest post on our site.

Mohit Lohia: Co-founder
Email: mohit (@) sharemarkethow.com

Being a social media marketing enthusiast (with a financial background)and a youtube professional, Mohit Lohia is responsible for all the social media marketing for our site. You can always contact him if you have any proposal to market our site through different social media streams or if you have any Offline SEO (search engine optimization) proposal for our site.

Rajesh Bihani: Co-founder
Email: rajesh (@) sharemarkethow.com

Being a web programmer and web designer (also a computer engineer by profession) Rajesh Bihani is responsible for all the design and coding done on this site. You can contact him for website related inquiries. If you find a technical problem on our site (like sign up or login problem or any other) just contact him. He is also responsible for some of the content published on this site (after being reviewed by Yogesh Lohia).

Disclaimer: The suggestions in the article(wherever applicable) are for informational purposes only. They are not intended as medical or any other type of advice